About me and the whole thing

Hello to the world out there!

I’m Agata, a 23years old Polish girl, and on this picture you can see me in Barcelona, May 2017.
I look a bit skinny there, don’t I? Back in the day I was on a big journey of mine, trying to make a living in Spain where I had arrived with the beginning of December 2016. I wouldn’t really call that travelling, as the main purpose at the very moment seemed to be more surviving than anything else, but this is a happy picture. It is a picture taken shortly after the things started to kind of work out – to look somewhat promising – and after I finally found hope; a picture starting a new episode in my wild adventure that was this whole “Spain” project.
I spent in that country over 9 months altogether and I guess so far that travel has changed me and shaped me the most (even though it was not my first nor the last one), which has led me to the huge desire of writing a book, or at least having a blog that would let me share my adventures with the world.

At the moment I am staying in Brazil, in the very largest Portuguese-speaking city in the world that is São Paulo and, of course – as I have seen quite a few other countries on the way – I have much more experience at making it now than I’d had before. It is May 2019, which means it took me whole 2 years to start pursuing this dream of mine, but at last here I am doing just that, so if you wanna find out what my experience so far has been, I invite you to stay tuned and wait for more 😉

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4 thoughts on “About me and the whole thing”

    1. Akurat to mój instagram feed, pamiętne zdjęcie ze sky towera 😀
      Użyłam widgetu który łączy z instagramem, żeby trochę miejsce zapełnić i pochwalić się dodatkowymi zdjęciami z różnych miejsc 😀

  1. Hi! I love the fact that you have started this blog! Seems like you’re leading a very interesting life there! Good luck!

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